When using Fastlane you may find a need to fetch the latest Google Play version_code for you builds. Currently to do this we need create our own function which utilises google_play_track_version_codes. Below is the function which you can USE in your lanes to achieve this:


You can then use this file in your lanes in one simple command:

version_code = latest_googleplay_version_code

Hope this helps you with deploying your app using Fastlane!

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If you are using Detox to run e2e testing for your Android and iOS applications you may have encountered some problems when dealing with native dialogs.

Android Native Dialog

There are number of solutions, but none address the problem cross-platform, and leave you to address it with complicated logic. Until now…

Luke, show me the code!

Alright… alright… the function below will select you native dialogs cross-platform, it returns a Detox element, so it works as a drop-in replacement for element() when selecting native dialogs.

export function systemDialog(label){
if (device.getPlatform() === 'ios') {
return element(by.label(label)).atIndex(0);
return element(by.text(label));

Add the above function to your project, then it can be used as follows:

await systemDialog('OK').tap();

Hope this helps people addressing the native dialogs in Detox! Happy e2e testing :)



Luke Brandon Farrell

Luke Brandon Farrell

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